Inpatient and Outpatient Service


Our current bed capacity is 80. All beds are in semi-private rooms with bathroom facilities. The rooms are spacious and provide an extra bed for one family member to ensure that the patients have their privacy and get family support when needed.

Family support should be requested at a small fee before or during admission. LeMayian Hospital will make every effort to meet our patients' special needs.

We have special wards and rooms for men, women, children, surgical and maternity.

Our In-Patients enjoy:

* Specialist consultant reviews and Surgeons with admission rights for advanced care and surgeries

* Personalized bedside nursing at all times.

* Semi-private rooms

* Compassionate care

* Staff that carefully listen and work with our patients on the treatment plan. There are no surprises.

We have categorized our wards as follows;

* Private Wards

* Semi-Private wards


LeMayian Hospital has a 24/7 outpatient unit with qualified staff at hand to help you at any time. You don’t need to book an appointment; it is a walk-in policy for all our patients. Our general consultation for NHIF clients is fully covered and is discounted for our cash patients at KES 400. All our services are especially affordable and deliberately target the vulnerable members of our community and patients.

NHIF members are encouraged to select the Hospital by calling our contact numbers for help, visiting, or using USSD *155# and follow the instructions which take only a few minutes on phone.  NHIF patients are fully covered comprehensively at LeMayian and do not need to pay out-of-pocket.

Cash patients will benefit from discounted packages as follows:

* Caesarean Section KES 45,000

* Normal Delivery:  KES 15,000.

* Circumcision KES 6,000 and bed-night at 1,500. Anaesthesia Circumcision 12,000.